Nati Marcus and James Dugle


America’s 2016 presidential election is known for its stark political divide and various controversies, culminating in the unanticipated victory of Donald Trump. This surprising outcome due to the unprecedented divergence from polling data has highlighted the need for a more holistic approach to measuring the public’s sentiment towards political candidates. While there have been similar projects targeting Twitter and other social media for their source of public sentiment, our project takes aim at whether news outlets — specifically the New York Times in this study — are an accurate window into how the American public…

Social Media’s Positive Impact On NBA Viewership

When it comes to seeing highlights and hearing news about the NBA’s biggest stars, there’s no better place to look than on social media. With platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, there is no shortage of content right at the fans’ fingertips. The content and the way in which it’s consumed varies amongst the different platforms. With Facebook, fans can now view live games more easily than perhaps watching it through a cable network. Instagram provides an easy way to view all the highlights and news fans want to see; it also…

Nati Marcus

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